Roblox Anime Punching Simulator Codes (March 2022) Free Code wiki

Roblox [UPDATE 15] Anime Punching Simulator Redeem Code Release for free Energy, Boost, gems, Weapons, Coins, and more freebies items: The Anime Punching Simulator game is a long-awaited punching game where you need to do training, increase punching powers, Practice your fists of fury to gain energy which you can use to rebirth to get free gems and that gems can increase your punching power. The Just Games.. the developer of this fighting simulator releases many wiki codes that you can redeem to collect some free rewards, upgrade your character, & get yourself some pets. On this page, we listed the all working codes of the Anime Punching Simulator online game and complete instructions about how to redeem these new codes.

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Roblox Anime Punching Simulator Wiki Codes 2022

Just Games from time to time release a new update that brings new features to the game and also published new Twitter codes on certain like target or events. We’ll regularly update this page and publish new redeem codes that will give you free Energy, Boost, gems, Weapons, and Coins. Below we mentioned the overview of Anime Punching Simulator Roblox wiki codes then, you can check all working codes:

*3 new codes added today*

Anime Punching Simulator codes

Game Name [UPDATE 15] Anime Punching Simulator
Developed by  Just Games
twitter codes status Currently Active
Sessions 2022-2023
Month March 2022
New code added on 16 March 2022
Codes benefit Free Energy, Boost, gems, Weapons, and Coins
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official website

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Roblox Anime Punching Simulator Codes list (March 2022)

Here we mentioned the all-new and old codes that are currently in the working stage. This table is updated on regular basis and try these codes ASAP because you will never know when these codes get Expire. All the Anime Punching Simulator codes listed here are tested and active at the time we updated this article.

Anime Punching Simulator Codes (Working) Get rewards
190KFAVS Redeem for two energy boosts (NEW)
130KLIKES Redeem for two energy boosts (NEW)
60MVISITS Redeem for two energy boosts (NEW)
125KLIKES Redeem for two gem boosts
180KFAVS Redeem for two energy boosts
55MVISITS Redeem for two energy boosts
DERPMONSTERZ Redeem for Free rewards
160KFAVS Redeem for Free rewards
110KLIKES Redeem for Free rewards
DARKBLOX Redeem for Free rewards
SONTY Redeem for Free rewards
150KFAVS Redeem for Free rewards
40MVISITS Redeem for two energy boosts
TGOH Redeem for two energy boosts
EMPERADORMAXI Redeem for Free rewards
105KLIKES Redeem for  two energy boosts
50MVISITS Redeem for Free rewards
JUSTZACK Redeem for two energy boosts
SAO Redeem for Practice Boosts
TAVIOZERA Redeem for Practice Boosts
MEQUIS Redeem for gem boosts
100KLIKES Redeem for Practice Boosts
80KLIKES Redeem for Practice Boosts
BRONZERBR Redeem for Practice Boosts
90KLIKES Redeem for Practice Boosts
130KFAVS Redeem for Practice Boosts
75KLIKES Redeem for Boosts
CLOVER Redeem for Boosts
110KFAVS Redeem for Boosts
NECROBR Redeem for Boosts
JAKEPUDDING Redeem for Boosts
JOHNSVEN Redeem for Boosts
30MVISITS Redeem for Boosts
100KFAVS Redeem for Boosts
PLIQUE Redeem for Boosts
OPM Redeem for Boosts
VALENTINE Redeem for Boosts
KINGISAQT Redeem for Boosts
70KLIKES Redeem for Boosts
25MVISITS Redeem for Boosts
BENTOYT Redeem for Boosts
65KLIKES Redeem for Boosts
22MVISITS Redeem for Boosts
FAIRY Redeem for Boosts
OPENSAMU Redeem for Boosts
55KLIKES Redeem for Boosts
50KLIKES Redeem for Boosts
20MVISITS Redeem for Boosts
80KFAVS Redeem for Boosts
GonGonLindao Redeem for 1250 energy
tigretvgems Redeem for two gem boosts
TigreTv Redeem for two energy boosts
16MVISITS Redeem for 2x Practice Boost
45KLIKES Redeem for 2x Practice Boost
70KFAVS Redeem for 2x Practice Boost
HUNTER Redeem for 2x Practice Boost
14MVISITS Redeem for Boosts
Dreamzinho Redeem for Boosts
40KLIKES Redeem for Boosts
HERO Redeem for Boosts
35KLIKES Redeem for Boosts
50KFAVS Redeem for Boosts
10MVISITS Redeem for Boosts
30KLIKES Redeem for Boosts
8MVISITS Redeem for Boosts
BOLINHOBLOX Redeem for Boosts
25KLIKES Redeem for Boosts
VAGNERGAMES Redeem for Boosts
15klikes Redeem for Boosts
4MVisits Redeem for Boosts
2MVISITS Redeem for Boosts
10KLIKES Redeem for 2x Energy Boost
5KLIKES Redeem for Energy
1MVISITS Redeem for Energy
MASTER Redeem for Energy
500KVISITS Redeem for free Rewards
250kvisits Redeem for 2x Energy Boost
80KVISITS Redeem for 2x Practice Boost
1KLIKES Redeem for Free Boost
Release Redeem for 250 Energy

AFK Arena Redeem Code Today

Attention! If somehow any of the working codes showing expired. Let us know in the comment section

Expired Old Codes list

You can also try these old codes that can still work for a limited time

  • No expired code found

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How to redeem Anime Punching Simulator Codes

To redeem these codes you need to have a Roblox account and the game installed on your device (on android or PC). After doing all things then follow the easy 4 step instructions collect the free rewards by using any redeem codes from this page:

  1. Run the Anime Punching Simulator game on the Roblox website
  2. Click on the Speech Bubbles button on side of the screen.
  3. Copy & Paste the working codes on “Put Your Code Here!” section
  4. Collect the redeem code reward

Also, don’t forget to collect daily exclusive rewards from your Roblox game.

Anime Punching Simulator Wiki Updates

If you can’t invest in this game through Robux currency then freebies codes are the best options that Just Games developers release on like targets, events, occasions or any special achievements, Below you can check the latest wiki code update and game features that have recently been added on the game:

Follow the gaming official Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and all social media channel to be up to date with recent news regarding codes.


Welcome to Anime Punching Simulator!
👍New Code at 150k Likes👍
⌛ Use Code “Release” for 250 Energy!
⌛ Use Code “100KLIKES” for Free Boost!

⚡Click to gain energy ⚡
🔄 Rebirth to earn gems🔄
👊 Buy heroes with gems to become powerful! 👊

📋 Updates every week!

Also, don’t forget to explore popular games redeem codes to get freebies rewards


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