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Kathy Williams is an American celebrity mother who got to fame as a mother of Meek Will. Meek Mill is a famous American singer, songwriter, rapper, and social activist.

Early Life

Kathy Williams is an American celebrity mother who got to fame as a mother of Meek Will. Talking about the childhood of Kathy, there is not much information available on online sources.

Plea to Lady justice

Kathy Williams

Caption: Kathy Williams on a campaign to free her son(source: Atlantablackstar)

Kathy’s son Meek Mill is a famous rapper and singer. However, she somberly watched her son, Meek Mill, taken to prison after receiving a 2 to 4-year sentence. Moreover,  Meek was accused of violating his probation stemming from a 2007 arrest.

Furthermore, On March 26, Williams penned an op-ed letter against the feeble justice system in hopes of seeking answers behind the sentencing of her son. Moreover,  she pours her huge disappointment from the justice system that abused her son’s innocence and pride. Similarly, Kathy blames the Justice system saying, “You’ve taken his innocence and abused his pride. He suffered the loss of family and freedom. No human being should know his truths and be accosted by lies and false judgment under your shelter.”

Likewise, she claims her son imprison even after all the evidence and reason were on his side. The Justice system wrongfully convicts a black man in prison. This is the black reality of America, she added in her letter.

At last, Kathy advocates for all the mothers whose son suffers cruelty of unjust punishment. Similarly, she begs the justice system to hear the words of DA and governors and release her son.

Relationship status

Kathy Williams

Caption: Kathy William’s son Meek Mill(source: pagesix)

Talking about the relationship status of Kathy, she is a widow. Similarly, Kathy gave birth to her son Meek Mill and her daughter Nasheema Williams. Furthermore, her husband died when Meek was just 5 years old in 1992. Moreover, She came to the limelight when she wrote a letter to lady justice for releasing her son from prison. Moreover, her husband’s name is not revealed yet. We will update you about her husband shortly after the information is public.

Body measurement

Moving into the body measurement of Kathy, she has a short height and looks a little fat from her appearance. Similarly, Kathy has black eyes and black hair. on the other hand, there is not much information available on the body measurement of Kathy, we will let you know very shortly.

Social Media and Net Worth

Kathy is not active on any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Although, her letter addressed to lady justice went viral on all online media. Moreover, there is no information revealed on the net worth as well.


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