Ibid Meaning in Hindi

Ibid Meaning in Hindi: Ibid is used in books and magazines, which means that the text taken from somewhere else is taken from the same source as the previous text.


ibid full form meaning “in the same place

ibid.in British English

or ib.
ABBREVIATION FOR (in annotations, bibliographies, etc, when referring to a book, article, chapter, or page previously cited)

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Word origin

Latin: in the same place

Meanings of ibid in Hindi


  1. उक्त
  2. पूर्वोक्त
Word Meaning in English Usage of word
उसी स्थान पर ( usi sthan par ) IBID ( Adverb ) This article is ibid as in that book.
वही, पूर्वोक्त, उक्त, यथा उक्त नियम/अधिनियम ( vahi, purvokt, ukt, yatha ukt niyam/adhiniyam ) IBID ( Adverb ) Section 2 r ibid defines….

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