Diwali Muhurat Trading 2021 Timings BSE NSE Trading Session Muhurat

Diwali Muhurat Trading 2021 Timings BSE & NSE Trading Session: Although the stock market will be closed on Diwali on Thursday, but the market opens exclusively for one hour in the evening. This is known as Diwali Muhurat Trading 2021. In this one hour, investors follow the tradition of the market by making their small investment. The tradition of Diwali Muhurta trading is more than 5 decades old. Here we have provided information about the Diwali Trading Timings and Session of BSE and NSE Stocks.

Diwali Muhurat Trading Timings 2021 Nifty, BSE, NSE

This year Diwali Muhurat Trading 2021 will start from 6.15 pm and will run till 7.15 pm. This trading happens in equity, equity futures and options, currency and commodity markets, all three. Trading timings for block deals will be from 5.45 pm to 6 pm. The pre-open session will be held from 6 pm to 6.08 pm. Last year the special Diwali Muhurat Trading Time session was organized on November 14.

Diwali Muhurat Trading Session 2020

Talking about Diwali Muhurat Trading 2020, the Sensex closed at the level of 43638 and recorded a rise of 195 points on that day. Nifty closed with a gain of 51 points at 12771 level. The biggest boom of Muhurat of Diwali Trading came in 2008 on the day of Diwali. The Sensex had registered a rise of 5.86 percent on that day.

Happy Diwali Status 2021

Diwali Puja Time 2021

Essay on Diwali

The Hindi New Year calendar begins from the day of Diwali. Samvat 2078 will start on 4th November 2021. According to Indian tradition, Diwali also marks the beginning of a new financial year in many parts of the country. On this auspicious time, the traders of the stock market do special share trading. That’s why it is also called Muhurat of Diwali Trading.

Diwali 4th November Muhurat of Trading 2021 Timings

Investing money in the stock market is considered auspicious. Especially rich people definitely invest on this day. In such a situation, he earns lakhs of rupees on small investment. Investors wish for a good new financial year by starting trading on a special Muhurta on Diwali. Experts say that Muhurta trading is completely related to tradition. Most of the people buy shares on this day. However, this investment is very small and symbolic.

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